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When we paraphrase, we provide a version that can exist beside the original (rather than replace it). We paraphrase all the time. When you tell a friend what someone else has said, you're almost always paraphrasing, since you're not repeating the exact words. If you go to hear a talk, you might paraphrase the speaker's main points afterward for your friends. And when writing a paper on a short story, you might start off your essay with a paraphrase of the plot. Paraphrasing is especially useful when dealing with poetry, since poetic language is often difficult and poems may have meanings that are hard to pin down.

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It can be difficult to paraphrase a paragraph no matter what the content is and how much experience with paraphrasing you have, but if the content is advanced and you have little to no experience it can make the whole ordeal that much harder, and whether this is you or if you’re simply looking for a little hands on professional help to paraphrase paragraph , you can count on our service to get you the high quality professional expertise that you need no matter what it is!

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Academic paragraphs are usually at least three sentences long, and can be longer still. However, don't make those sentences too long. As a rough guide, a sentence longer than three lines is too long.

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The last component in TOEFL iBT is the Writing section. It measures you ability to write in standard academic English. There are two tasks in TOEFL iBT Writing section - Independent Writing task and Integrated Writing task.

More and more people are leading sedentary life styles due to work conditions. Take, for example , office workers in the UK who spend at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week  sitting in front of their computers.

The major point of a paragraph is often called the controlling idea. Every paragraph should have a different controlling idea, each one discussing one aspect or part of the overall essay.

Good day to you madam, I would like to ask how many sentences are recommended to give an example in an essay. I would also like to know if it is okay to not mention the actual source of a statistic in an essay that writes about contemporary issues. Thank you.

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Marriage was an influential factor in the women's lives. This was more so than other factors. Yet, at the same time, marriage options, including choice of partner, were typically not a topic of discussion for most women. Few women actually discussed the subject. Indeed, the process of marriage and choice of partner were more a matter of course, something inevitable, compared to individual choice.

An important skill to help you on the integrated writing task is the Paraphrasing. Paraphrasing involves connecting the ideas from the source material in your own words. Practice paraphrasing purposefully. Do not just rewrite what is stated but write selectively (only the important points) in your own words. To help you with paraphrasing, we have created TOEFL iBT Paraphrasing Strategies that you may find on -.

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So, what is a short essay? Basically, 555 word essay example is an essay of not more than a half of A9 page that dwells upon the topic given in the assignment. The good thing about this type of essay is that, just like sociology paper format or any other brief scientific writing, it does not require you to go very deep into the subject, thus, the subject itself cannot be too deep. For instance, you cannot really cover the topic of drawbacks of technological advancements or euthanasia in a 555 word essay. So the topic is usually snappy and quick, and therefore, there is no need to plan an extensive structure for this type of writing.

Liz, Thanks a lot for your fantastic information. Your work is exceptional and highly recommendable for not only IELTS test takers but also first-year university students who use English as a second language.

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