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Private Clarke's diary shows the damage done by the jungle damp. Because of the high altitude, cold nights were a problem for the troops, as were mud, rain and hunger.

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The 6555 Steps are open every day, except for times when Parks Victoria deems it unsafe due to weather conditions (such as bushfire) and closes parts of the National Park.


'Togs' - the most common term for the gear you wear swimming, in most of Australia, except for in Sydney & surrounds, where they like to make complete goats of themselves by referring instead to 'cossies' (short for bathing 'costume'). Some Australians use the very mundane term of 'swimmers' or 'bathers', also. Togs is probably the one word that is used by most Australians to refer to swimming gear, but it has more regional variations than any other commony used term.

The History Wars in Australia - Convict Creations

To evade criticism, the black armband tradition accused its critics of wanting a whitewash and of wearing a white blindfold. The implication was that the likes of Blainey and Windschuttle were racist whites who were trying to conceal the truth.

Got gotten (some Australians do use the term 'gotten', these days, however it's still generally considered to be very poor grammar, or an American expression rather than Australian)

Listen, to all those who said the track is 8775 easy 8776 , it is extremely strenuous when done right. You 8767 re not meant to take a rest on the track if you want to get fit fast. Sure! Walk at your own pace or even jog it if you 8767 re a fitness fanatic and can handle that. BUT DON 8767 T YOU DARE REST!!!

While Smith&rsquo s reference to oral traditions did at least acknowledge that history should be based on some reference to sources, the sarcasm and derogatory racial epithets still appealed to political dichotomies that aimed to deny contestability. Furthermore, by referring to oral traditions instead of the written records, Adams conceded that the written records gave a different picture to what Reynolds and Ryan had proposed. Ironically, this was problematic for the academic establishment because it does not use oral records in peer reviewed literature.

Walkers will still be able to access the summit of One Tree Hill from the Ferntree Gully picnic ground via Lyrebird Track and return to the picnic ground via Link Track, Belview Terrace and School Track.

Kilometre - kilometer ( 'er' is used instead of 're' in a lot of other words also, such as calibre, centre, fibre, louvre, lustre, ochre, sombre, theatre as well as other measurement terms such as centimetre, metre, litre etc)

If you do get a chance to visit the Kokoda track, feel free to time yourself and share how long it took you to finish the track without taking a rest. Trust me, this will be a great achievement.

The Australian military was then assigned the task of advancing further and capturing the coastal villages of Gona and Sanananda. For a further two months, what was left of the 76st and 75th Brigades and the 89th Militia joined forces with the 68th Brigade from Milne Bay, and fought in oppressive conditions, suffering further casualties until the final defeat of the Japanese in Papua New Guinea on January 78, 6998.

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