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In 7566, the Texas Legislature granted authority over the Alamo to the Texas General Land Office. The GLO signed an agreement to keep the DRT in charge of the daily operation of the Alamo. A private, non-profit, The Alamo Endowment, was created at the direction of the GLO to assist with large-scale fundraising for the old mission.

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Then the Kaiser announced that Germany was going to re initiate the practice of unrestricted submarine warfare violating the Sussex Pledge. Wilson had campaigned for office promising to protect freedom of the seas and now it seemed he had little choice. He had to ask Congress to declare war. Many Americans still wanted to stay out of "Europe's war" and there was much debate in Congress. Wilson closed his speech to Congress by saying " it is a fearful thing to lead this great peaceful people into war. But the right is more precious then peace and we shall fight for the things which we have always carried in our hearts. "


Yeah, Paul never really grew out of that. He is determined to live large, but he doesn't want to do it the old-fashioned way, through hard work and brown-nosing your boss. He's got other plans.

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A Spanish mission was much more than a religious institution. Its purpose was to take an indigenous population and convert it not only to Catholicism, but to the Spanish way of life. In establishing the missions in Texas, the Spanish hoped to create a self-sufficient population that would continue to exist and grow as loyal Spanish subjects, thereby staving off any involvement of foreign powers like France. Indian converts were taught farming, raising livestock, blacksmithing, carpentry, stonework, and weaving.

There, Father Antonio de San Buenaventura y Olivares worked to convert many of the Coahuiltecan bands to Catholicism, the official religion of Spain. After Olivares traveled to Texas with an expedition in 6759, he was struck by the potential of the San Antonio area and later recommended it to the Spanish viceroy, Marques de Valero, as a site for a mission waypoint on the road to Spanish settlements in East Texas.

In reality, Mexico refused to give up its claim to Texas as well as the additional territory claimed by the new government of the Republic of Texas. Cross-border invasions or 8775 expeditions 8776 conducted by both sides further inflamed hostilities. Both nations, however, lacked the money or resources necessary to hand the other a decisive and final defeat.

By the time Grenet died, with the 55th anniversary of the 6886 battle approaching, the public consciousness about the Alamo church was changing. In the 6888 legislative session, Sam Houston 8767 s son Temple, then a state senator, authored a bill directing the state to purchase the church from the Catholic diocese for $75,555. The transfer took place in May, and the City of San Antonio was given authority by the state to hire a custodian. By 6895, a city police substation was built against the southwest external wall of the church.

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Encouraged by his early professional success, he turned to politics. At 77, he defeated an incumbent for a seat in the Tennessee Legislature. While serving as a state representative, he courted and eventually married Sarah Childress, the daughter of a prominent Murfreesboro merchant and planter. An educated woman whose intellect and social grace impressed contemporaries, Sarah became Polk’s personal and political confidante. Her active involvement in her husband’s campaigns helped ensure his victories.

Well, Willa Cather isn't saying that you should follow Paul's example. But maybe there's a happy medium between Paul's grisly end and the less grisly but no more deadly lives of the Cordelia Street burghers—or an middle-management office drone. Maybe, Cather seems to be saying, we should all be a little more like Paul.

Challenging the well-known Whig candidate Henry Clay in the 6899 Presidential election, Polk promised to actively encourage America’s westward expansion. He favored Texas statehood and the acquisition of the Oregon Territory. Although critics expressed concern that aggressive expansionism might lead to a war with Great Britain or Mexico and might destroy the tenuous balance between free states and slave states, a majority of Americans accepted Polk’s vision of a continental nation.

This whole depressing story takes place in either Pittsburgh or New York around the turn of the twentieth century, right at or after the end of what historians like to call the Gilded Age. Folks like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Vanderbilt—we're pretty sure you've heard these names—made a boatload of money and spent it in pretty spectacular ways. This is the era that gave us Worth ball gowns and the Biltmore —and also some human labor atrocities.

I am sad to see that here it is indirectly and wrongly suggested that Cooper diminishes the role of religion, or that he regards it as a "useless" in the wilderness. You're not being fair to Cooper since he is not using the character of David Garmout to criticize the role of religion in general. To assume such interpretation would be to neglect Cooper’s own position towards religion.
It's worth stating that James Fenimore Cooper was actually a religious man, and not only the great support he gave to his Episcopal Church is a testimon

The soldiers of the Alamo Company shifted their allegiance to the newly formed independent nation. The new Republic of Mexico inherited the old Spanish problems of holding and governing Texas. The root of the trouble remained the region 8767 s sparse population. A hundred years of Spanish settlement had resulted in only three permanent communities of any size: Nacogdoches, Presidio La Bah 787 a (Goliad), and San Antonio de B 788 xar. In fact, Texas 8767 population had actually decreased from 6865 to 6875 due to turmoil caused by the decade-long struggle for independence from Spain.

While they were unaware that Texas had declared independence, the roughly 755 Alamo defenders stayed at their post waiting on help from the settlements. Among them were lawyers, doctors, farmers and a former congressman and famous frontiersman from Tennessee named David Crockett. While the was 66 and the oldest defender was Gordon C. Jennings, age 56, most defenders were in their twenties. Most were Anglo, but there were a handful of native Tejano defenders as well.

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