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I 8767 ve seen firsthand the powerful difference between interacting with subordinates more with praise, and interacting with some more with criticism. Those I 8767 ve given more praise are more enthusiastic about working with me, express more creativity, and are so much more fun to work with.

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I am taking time each day once in the morning, once mid-day, and once at night to journal all the forms of abundance I already have, embracing those things and feeling gratitude for them.

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But today, all that has changed. Most people regard profound, widespread and frequent change as inescapable and a good thing too. Change is now strongly associated with progress. A dominant picture has evolved of what the properly modern person is supposed to be like: someone who not only accepts change but who seeks it out, embraces it, drives it. When Steve Jobs wanted to convince John Sculley, president of Pepsi-Cola, to become CEO of the (then) much smaller Apple he is reported as having asked him: ‘Do you want to sell sugared water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?’

Positive emotion improves health. The details are complicated, but the overall picture is not if you want to improve your health, improve your mind. This confidence comes from 687 research studies.

Great post Amit! You did spend a lot of time researching! Your post was the first that came up when I started to research my next blog post. Love that you 8767 ve dedicated so much time to gratitude. Thank you!

You hit on a great point about gratitude not being a result of circumstances, as some of the poorest people I 8767 ve met in places like India or Africa are the most grounded and fundamentally happy even though they live hand-to-mouth.

I need​ essay, topic is today most leader are compare to past.
It has positive for development or negative for development...

The Fall of the Berlin Wall was a momentous, profound change. Yet at the time many people overestimated the benefits it would bring. It is an historic instance of a more general truth. That we tend to expect too much of change. We believe it will deliver more than it really does. Changes which look as if they must be wholly positive, turn out to have unforeseen drawbacks. This may be a natural bias of the mind. In order to summon the will to action, to rouse ourselves and our society from inertia, it may be that we have to tactically overestimate the advantages that will accrue.

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You had convinced me with the first paragraph! but I now have every possible angle to reflect on when I try to sabotage myself by not feeling grateful. No more excuses thanks to you. I have just thought of another entry for my gratitude journal I am grateful for 🙂

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