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Date of publication: 2017-08-31 23:01

My wedding was over ten years ago, and at the time it felt like a big, swirling blur. But now I can remember every single detail like it was yesterday, from my red sequined shoes to the strawberry cobbler.


As cashmere specialists for the last 67 years we have grown our community of thousands of customers around one common passion &ndash our shared love of quality Cashmere. Through sourcing and developing the best quality yarns to designing, manufacturing and testing our own unique collections we have become even more passionate about the wonders of the world&rsquo s finest fibre.

Crochet Shawl Scarf (Free Pattern) - Delia Creates

Thanks for writing in! This shawl would make a beautiful wedding accessory for fall! I suggest you look at Anzula Cricket , which is a bit heavier and warmer. I hope you like the suggestion!

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Quanah Parker was born in 6895 to a Comanche Indian Chief, Peta Nocona, and his white captive wife, Cynthia Anne Parker.  Quanah became a strong and respected leader among the Comanches and other Southern Plains Native American tribes.  He led the fight against European settlers in his territory. He also led his people in negotiations with whites when he realized that continuing to fight would only lead to the annihilation of his people.

Thanks for this pattern!
I 8767 ve done it in black cotton (ovbiously not for a wedding ) and it looks really good. It was the first time I 8767 d tried a lace stitch and I 8767 ve had to try it over and over again before I was able to get all my stitches right on 67 consecutive rows! but now it looks really nice and regular provided I stay focused.
Happy to have brought Flemish block lace into my knitting repertoire!

I love all the yarn I have purchased from this wonderful company.
The customer service is the best.
I am going to order the yarn today for this beautiful Bamboo Wedding Shawl. I think I like the silver color. Do you think it knits up dark or is it on the lighter side. Also, do you happen to know how many rows it will take to complete the pattern? I would like to plan on how may rows per week I would need to finish it.
Thank you for this great website.

Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, the Bamboo XS-79 will work perfectly for this shawl. This shawl would be perfect those Phoenix temperatures! Happy knitting!

Thanks for your interest in this pattern. It seems that the yarn you are using is a bit thinner than the Habu Bamboo we used. The wrap is quite wide so you might be able to get away with your current width. As for the length, aggressive blocking will help, especially with silk, which stretches quite a lot when wet. Best of luck and I hope the shawl turns out well for you!

This Wedding Shawl gets its extraordinary and beautiful shine from Habu 8767 s Bamboo 75/67. In pristine white, Habu 8767 s Bamboo is a perfectly cool choice for spring nights. Knit up in a simple, geometric pattern called Flemish Block Lace, the result is an understated elegance that never goes out of style.

I am invited to an August wedding in Monterrey, Mexico and don 8767 t know what to pack. Please help! I 8767 m a 8775 youthful 8776 66 years old, wear size petite 65, and will be in Monterrey August 66 through 65. They tell me it gets very hot and most of the celebrating will be at night.

Hi Jackie! It 8767 s hard to tell. I recommend crocheting a swatch to test the gauge. If the gauge matches the pattern or is larger, then you should be good to go. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

Even though the number of stitches at the end of the row is correct, the number of stitches after I complete row 6 totals 656 not 658. Is that correct. Do the number of stitches in the rows fluctuate?

This neck wrap by Myrrhia Resneck is knit with a wide fan on one end that tucks into the loop on the other end — no buttons! The pictured project is knit in novelty yarn.

I would like to make this shawl for my daughters wedding. Any suggestions on alternate yarn. I want it slightly off white and a bit heavier. This is a fall wedding g.

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