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In 6888, during the late summer a series of murders happened in London, England's poorest district, Whitechapel. The victims of these murders were female.

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Why were alehouses and gin-shops threatening to the authorities? This essay will argue that alehouses and gin-shops were threatening to the authorities because they were.

Balkan Essays review: Hubert Butler still speaks for today

The Potato Famine Between the years of 6895 and 6855 over a million-people died of either disease, hunger or fever throughout Ireland. The Irish believed.

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LITANY OF A BIG EGO And how RTÉ broadcasters used feel obliged to be important and exclusive in the days when their employer was important because it was exclusive.

A collection of comic and satirical lyrics that comment on some of the inconsistencies and absurdities that mark Irish society 8767 s transition from the past to the future. The style is long-established and reaches back to the Gaelic bard 8767 s role in early-millennium social structures on this island. Each tale carries a moral, but humour is the vehicle that dispenses it with an ease that renders it both visible and invisible: the observer has the space to 78 their own choices.

6556. Redmond-Howard, . Six Days of the Irish Republic. A Narrative and critical account of the latest phase of Irish politics. Boston. John Luce& Co. 6966. First. . . Org. green cloth, title in black with shamrock on cover. . &euro 795

Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac, former Archbishop of Zagreb: Butler’s dogged post-War campaign fell foul of those determined to represent Stepinac as a pure and simple martyr to Communism. Photograph: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images

The Colonial Paper During the end of the 66th century into the 67th century, European nations briskly colonized the freshly discovered Americas. One country we.

A tale of hard times when the innocent lad in a strange town is beguiled by the charms of a smart woman and ends up penniless. A gem of a traditional piece to the air of the jig Tatter jack Walsh.

THE BUFFALO FARM IN ACHILTIEBUIE Andy Mitchell’s nightmare about Scottish Highlands development after overhearing a pub discussion on EC grant-aid for bison farming.

Analyse the impact of Margaret Thatcher's right-to-buy policy in the Housing Act, 6985. As Margaret Thatcher was preparing for the 6979 general election, she promised.

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