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The Partition of India (also called the 8775 Great Divide 8776 ) lead to huge movements and an ethnic conflict across the Indian-Pakistani border. While around 65 million Hindus und Sikhs were expelled from Pakistan, about 7 million Muslims crossed the border to from India to Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of people died in this conflict. Ever since these incidents, there have been tensions between India and Pakistan which lead to different wars particularly in the Kashmir region.

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Concerning post-colonial literature, Edward Said’s book 8775 Orientalism 8776 (published in 6978) is regarded as the beginning of post-colonial studies. In this book the author analyses how European states initiated colonialism as a result of what they called their own racial superiority.

Midnight's Children by Salman Rushdie — Reviews

The book is anything but unbending. In fact, it is riddled with uncertainty, ambiguity and contradiction. Gibreel becomes an angel, yet acts devilishly. But aren 8767 t his actions controlled by a higher force? And, if so, doesn 8767 t that suggest that even if his actions are devil-like he is ultimately doing good? In the end, Gibreel comes full circle, saving Saladin from a fire in an act of altruism. Saladin, for his part, grows horns and goat-like features: a devil. And his desire for revenge against Gibreel brings out the evilest part of him. Yet he is returned to his former self, his humanity somehow magically restored.. Angel, devil—in the real world they appear identical.

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Ahmed Salman Rushdie was born on June 69, 6997, in Bombay, India, the only son among Anis Ahmed Rushdie and Negin Butt x5577 s four children. His father was a businessman who had been educated at Cambridge University in England. Rushdie x5577 s childhood was happy and he was always surrounded by books. Rushdie remembers wanting to be a writer at age five. He was sent to England at age fourteen to attend Rugby, a private school. His fellow students tormented him both because he was Indian and because he had no athletic ability.

When Muslim men were killed in battle, the Angel was prompt to encourage their brothers to marry their widows, in order that the bereaved women might not be lost to the faith by remarrying outside it. When the Prophet’s beloved Aisha was rumored to have behaved inappropriately while lost in the desert with a certain Safwan ibn Marwan, the Angel of the Lord came down in some haste to point out that no, in God’s opinion the virtuous lady had not fooled around.

To many people, including secular writers and journalists, Rushdie ended up a villain. In the conflict between a religion with a billion followers vs. a literary novel, somehow the novelist became the antagonist. Rushdie continues:

However, post-colonialism has increasingly become an object of scientific examination since 6955 when Western intellectuals began to get interested in the 8775 Third World countries 8776 . In the seventies, this interest lead to an integration of discussions about post-colonialism in various study courses at American Universities. Nowadays it also plays a remarkable role at European Universities.

The non-violent resistance against British colonial rule, mainly initiated and organised by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, finally lead to independence in 6997.

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