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Why I Don't Wear Makeup - Man Repeller

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 20:51

I cannot believe someone would think of you are Not Beautiful, let alone 8775 ugly as fuck 8776 . People 8767 s perceptions of what is and isn 8767 t beautiful disturb me frequently these days.

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To me you belong among the most beautiful and unique women that have ever walked the earth. My mother never wears makeup and kids at her primary school adore her for looking like a little elf woman. Sending love from Croatia.

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this is a perfect example of how fucked our society 8767 s perception are. despite all of the successes that women achieve, we are still measured primarily by our beauty, as though our aesthetics should be foremost concern, and our most appreciated contribution to the world will be a cute face, perfect hair, or a hot body. men aren 8767 t measured to this same standard, and that is beyond fucked up at this point in time.

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Every time I see Leandras picture I think 8766 fkn wish I looked like that make up-less 8767 you are phenomenal and effortless this article shocked me to my core! I NEVER comment (although I always want to) but I just had to at this one

hey alice, thanks for the comment! unfortunately this was the progeny of two different events, and explaining that sausage making felt like a detour from the meat of the issue.

A lot of the women that men call ugly are really just plain/average in the looks department, so it always confuses the hell out of me when guys caterwaul and stuff about how ugly a so-called ugly woman is and I see her and she 8767 s not ugly.

I am not trying to put you in the spotlight or expect you to give an uplifting advice but in my part it would be awesome to know how you handle stuff like that.

woah, powerful message. thanks for the vulnerability and for sharing. You are very wise and those words really did inspire me. right there. you did. thank you for being who you are and being perfectly happy with that person. I think thats something that guy will never be able to achieve. boom bam your a bad ass.

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