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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 20:50

But if you’ve already started Game of Thrones , why stop now? Why not read all the books that are available? What’s the real difference between stopping at book two or book five? Either way, you’re stuck waiting to read the next book, and you don’t know when or even if it’s going to get done. Why not read/watch all the material available and give yourself that enjoyment?

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Reena is a little skeptical about getting a Reiki massage – if there’s no touching or rubbing, what’s the point? Well, some things are far more powerful than the human touch – like Keiran’s intense pulses of energy all over her body. The only thing more intense than Keiran’s karmic powers? His rock hard dowsing rod.


‘I’d walked passed Kenwood House [Lord Mansfield’s home in which Belle was raised] countless times when I was living in Highgate and studying at Rada, so I could imagine myself as her,’ says Gugu.

Can you fight back if your new home has been stripped bare

Corbyn announced he is toying with becoming a vegan, but has been held back by a love of ‘soft, creamy brie’. I wonder how much of this is to do with political expediency, writes LIZ JONES. .read

Nick Coleman, co-founder of flavoured pork scratchings brand The Snaffling Pig Co, and spicy Indian tea brand Tuk Tuk Chai, founded by husband and wife Rupesh and Alexandra Thomas .read

Set against the background of the Zong slave massacre, Amma made Belle older than she would have been at the time as she felt it was key that she had a political conscience and an understanding of the social upheavals. The landmark verdict against slavery that concludes Belle was in fact delivered by Lord Mansfield at the Somerset case, but it is no less significant for this. ‘We don’t know whether Dido had an influence on Lord Mansfield’s verdict, or whether he was that courageous already,’ says Amma.

Last week’s Autumn Statement was dominated by the same story that has overlayed every piece of economic news and activity since the decision by the British people to vote Leave back in June. .read

ALEX SINGLETON: Almost the entire Left-wing establishment in this country, including the BBC, has an warped and profoundly wrong view of the Middle East. .read

The communities of Cape Breton are founded on the bedrock of tradition and family.  The people have struggled against poverty, accidents and the elements to hold their lives together and remain constant in their values.  However, MacLeod shows that they cannot keep the modern world from intruding and altering their lives and their landscape.  He presents the tragedy of the inevitable loss of their world.  As traditional work of Cape Breton begins to dry up the men have to go further away to find employment.  As their men leave, the communities feel the strain of separation and the landscape, once bordered by the edges of their little harbour is forced to expand.

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